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What is Home Watch?

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about home watch services.
What is a Home Watch company?

Visit, Monitor, Check & Report!

Home Watch companies visit residential properties, monitor and check properties. Specifically, Home Watch monitors and checks seasonal resident homes.

Home Watch Reporters make regular (weekly or tri-weekly) visits to seasonal residential homes. This includes a pre-arrival and post-departure visit to unoccupied homes.

What is NOT a Home Watch company?

NOPE! Not that…

Home Watch is NOT house sitting.
Home Watch is NOT house inspections.
Home Watch is NOT property management.

What is concierge service?


Concierge service typically includes planned or last minute support which can range from picking up grocery items to dry cleaning…

How do you report home watch visits?


We go through an extensive check list. We make notations, take pictures, and make many checks. This report is sent to you to review after each and every visit.

Does Home Watch require a license?

Depends on where you live!

In the state of Arizona, there is no license requirements for Home Watch. There are a few certifications a Home Watch company and its reporters can acquire.

Macho Estates is certified through IHWA. In order to acquire this certification, Macho Estates and its Home Watch Reporters must receive education and training.

Is a Home Watch company insured?


You better believe it!

Does Home Watch prevent home disasters?

No and Yes.

No, Home Watch does not stop home disasters. Rather Home Watch PREVENTS, catches or mitigates against home damage and home disasters.

Has Home Watch service prevented a home disaster? Yes, they have but there is no guarantee.

We cannot guarantee damage or disaster will not occur in your home but we can prevent, catch and mitigate against it while you are away from your property.

How much does Home Watch cost?

Ah, Ah, Ah

Home Watch is a custom and specialized service. Pricing is based on several factors and is not determined until after the site visit of the home and knowing your needs.

What is Property Care?

Plus, plus, plus!

In addition to monitoring and checking on properties we facilitate ongoing tasks or projects that are occurring at the property while you are away. This could be an ongoing project with multiple visits from a specific vendor or an extensive task. We keep the flow of the property in order while projects are occuring.

What is Luxury Moving Management?

I can’t be there!

Sometimes you cannot be physically present for a big move! We step in and work with all the vendors and manage the move for you. We pack up confidential and private items you do not want movers to handle or see.

We coordinate, schedule and communicate with movers, realtors and family to get you out and into a new property.

We unpack and arrange everything into the new property so everything is ready for you when you arrive.

What is Vendor Management?

More Support!

We schedule, meet and manage all your vendors. This includes meeting them onsite and staying onsite if need be until their task is complete.

What is Storm Response?

Crazy Dust Storms & Micro Bursts!

We don’t get very many but when we do we come out to check your property to ensure no damage occurred from the storm. If your property was damaged from a storm we work to secure vendors to clean up and make necessary repairs.

What is Arrival & Departure?

Our Favorite!

When you leave, we shutter your property. This means we pack up, protect and store your outside furniture, empty the pantry and fridge of all items that will expire, strip beds and many other tasks.

We exercise weekly or triweekly checks while you are gone.

When it is time for your arrival we prepare your outdoor living space, stock the kitchen, put on fresh linens and towels and make sure you have everything you need and the home is functioning for your arrival.


Beautiful spaces deserve care and attention!

Home Watch for you!