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Arrival & Departure


Prepared for Your Arrival!

Quite a bit goes into preparing for your arrival and departure.

Your property has been sitting for a length of time without any normal use. Depending on how long you have been gone will determine what needs attention.

Arrival Preparations include but not limited to:

  • Cleaning all bed linens and re-dressing beds.
  • Cleaning bathroom linens.
  • Vehicles detailed, charged, and fueled.
  • Stocking the fridge and pantry.
  • Ensure the house has been freshly cleaned.
  • Changing all a/c filters.
  • Changing batteries.
  • Getting all patio and outside furniture unpacked or out of seasonal storage and arrange furniture.
  • BBQ Cleaning.
  • Ensure wifi and electronics function properly.
  • Turn on and quick cycle all appliances.
  • Personal/Custom requests.
  • Ensure all mechanical and plumbing mechanics function (lift stations, grinders, specialty plumbing).

Departure Preparations include but not limited to:

  • Prepare the property for dormancy.
  • Store and/or cover all patio furniture.
  • Remove designated personal items for storage or donations.
  • Clean out pantry and fridge of expired or expiring items.
  • Ensure ac/heating is set to away temperatures.
  • Ensure all lights are off.
  • Ensure kitchen counter top appliances are unplugged.
  • Ensure all used linens are in the washroom for cleaning prep.
  • Ensure no water has been left running (interior and exterior).
  • Ensure property is properly closed and secure.

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