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Home Watch &
Home Management

Gatekeepers of your home

Home Watch

Welcome to Macho Estates, where safeguarding your home is our foremost commitment. With a blend of unwavering dedication and adherence to homeowner privacy, we stand as a solution in the Home Watch industry.

Our Story: Established in 2019, Macho Estates was founded on the principles of trust, reliability, and a profound understanding of the importance of your home. We started as successful seasoned professionals in the trade services prior to launching Macho Estates. We have built a reputation for excellence, delivering peace of mind, privacy & anonymity to homeowners across the Valley.


What we do

We customize to you! From proactive problem-solving to concierge services, we ensure your home is not just monitored but cared for, allowing you peace of mind while you’re away. Experience a level of service that communicates regularly, adapts to your preferences, and provides a comprehensive, worry-free solution for your property management needs.

Home Watch

Essential home watch at regular intervals.

Relocation Management

Coordinate, manage, receive and arrange your items from dwelling to dwelling.

Home Management

Home watch + vendor management + arrival/departure care +++

Estate Management

Home management for large properties.

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Home Watch

What is Home Watch?

It is having someone keep an eye on your place when you’re not around. It’s a service you use, especially if you’re always on the go, own a vacation home, or are away from your place for a bit. The whole idea is to make sure your property is safe, well-maintained, and doesn’t run into any issues while you’re away.

We do regular checkups both inside and outside your place, looking out for things like leaks, pests, any general problems or anything unusual. The basics involve picking up your mail, adjusting the lights and thermostat and checking appliances. Since homes are becoming more automated with many safety features at your finger tips, sometimes it helps to make sure your place doesn’t look empty to keep it secure.

The services we offer can vary, and you can tailor it to fit what you need. It’s really about two things; giving you that peace of mind, knowing someone’s keeping a watchful eye on your place when you’re not around and providing a personalized experience to home management.

What is Home Management?

Home Management is providing a higher level of personalization and actively addressing specific needs and preferences of you, the homeowner. Rather than just identifying issues during inspections, a hands-on approach involves taking proactive steps to address and resolve potential problems. We also have a more hands-on approach which include concierge services, such as grocery shopping, mail collection, coordinating with maintenance providers, or handling specific requests from you. This could be as simple as bringing in a delivery, to managing a project onsite, to moving your entire belongings from house to another.

What Home Management is not?

Home Management is not property management. Property management entails a Lessor/Lesee and/or Owner/Renter. We do not manage properties that are rented or leased for anything length of time. Home Management is specifically for owner occupied seasonal properties.


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